Swimwear Online Live!

Betty diamond swimwear online is about to become super dynamic with video! We are going to launch a new catwalk concept where each garment will be paraded by our  gorgeous model.

The challenge when selling swimwear online is that our customers don’t get the opportunity to try the garments on before they buy!   As a way around this little issue we decided that if we can at least show you how the fabric moves, how it fits the body and what it looks like on a real woman, then you will be able to make a more informed decision in the buying process.

Very soon we will be adding a catwalk video to every product page on the site including our one piece swimsuits and all the resort wear range.

Stay tuned for some great behind the scenes images  of our day filming in my next blog and some truly fabulous video images which will be live in the next couple of weeks!