Optimum care – rinse in cold water immediately after use.
Use a bar of laundry soap where necessary –
if you do use soap, rinse it out with cold water.
Wring the garment gently.
Place the garment flat on a towel.
Roll up the towel with the garment inside.
Wring out well.
Take the garment out of the towel, place on hanger.
Dry in shade.

CHLORINE is a form of bleach – chlorine is used in pool water – you must rinse your BETTY DIAMOND swimsuit after each wear.
TUMBLE DRYING – we never recommend tumble drying.
HOT WATER WASHING is not recommended either.
ROUGH SURFACES ie pool surrounds pull, cut and mangle fibres and textiles, so don’t wriggle around while sitting at the edge of the pool.