Did you know….

The BETTY DIAMOND swimsuits are not made from lycra.  Our 2 way stretch polyester will not perish in the way  that those little elastin fibres do in other swimsuit fabrics  – you know how garments give after a bit of wear and go white at all the most stretched and stressed places. We want our swimsuits to go on and on in your life – a staple summer garment  – we believe we’re in the style business not the throwaway fashion industry.

We chose our heavier than lycra fabric to give more support in a firm comfortable way – not like the miracle suit where your body is a bit like a hard sausage in it’s casing…  ours is tight but with some give, so you stand taller – that’s the support for your back – and it smooths out the bumpy bits for a svelte silhouette.

BETTY DIAMOND one piece swimsuits are so comfortable many women wear them under jeans and skirts – and of course they look fabulous too.