Resort Wear

Resort Wear can be a beach jacket, a beach robe, a sarong, a skirt,shorts, a kaftan, a muu muu, loose pants – anything that covers you up.
Most women have a quirk about some part of their body – hips too big, thighs a bit wobbly – in our Resort Wear range BETTY DIAMOND has improved the sarong with our  Sarong Tie Skirt by darting the waist and adding a waistband tie, so the skirt/sarong wraps well around you, sits absolutely flat around your middle and waist and turns your swimsuit into a very sexy longline dress, beautifully covering your hips and legs.

We also have some luxurious silk/linen Drawstring Pants to do the same cover up job gorgeously.

Kaftans are big resort wear news and BETTY DIAMOND’S come in floaty and a bit transparent, subtle tone on tone print, or deep edge, tone on tone embroidered – exclusive, high quality fabrics which are beautifully made in simple classic designs. We also have the very sophisticated silk/linen version which can be worn waterside or anywhere really – accessorized with a low slung belt or statement jewellery – worn loose of pinned with a fabulous brooch – they are luxurious and comfortable and a great way to cover up just enough…

Beach Robes are statement garments – very retro – right back to the 1920’s in fact.

Beach Robes are seductive as they reveal and conceal… have a look at the BETTY DIAMOND range – they’re so sexy to look at and to wear – beautiful.

BETTY DIAMOND’S Beach Jackets are a brilliant practical and stylish solution for sun protection and keeping your ‘stuff’ together, they have big fold up or down cuffs and big roomy pockets – sunglasses, car keys, phone…

They are in crisp cotton or a really classy, truly high end resort wear silk/linen mix – you could go anywhere in one of these and stop traffic…

A little history of Resort Wear

In the 1920’s Resort Wear was what wealthy people wore on their holidays. Sometimes it was called ‘cruise wear’ – they were slouching around on ritzy boats and exclusive resorts like St. Moritz… This relaxed clothing became ‘lounge wear’.  Silk pyjama like outfits, kimonos and robes became high fashion at glamorous louche parties and from here came the modern idea of casual clothes for women. Prior to this there had been very strict rules about what you could wear when and where, and what parts of your body you could expose, when and where.

It’s nearly 100 years since then, and a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same – but that’s another story


By 1930 beach or lounging pyjamas had become the height of fashionable day wear for the rich and famous. These are by Marcel Rochas in his Lido collection.


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