The Return Of The One Piece Swimsuit

When bikinis got smaller and smaller in the ’70’s it was a celebration of our freedom, finally women were loosed from the restrictions of false modesty and old style decorum. Wonderful at the time an it means because we have had the full spectrum of fashion choices in swimwear – from neck to knees and swimming dresses, modesty panels to cut up legs, 3 small strategically placed triangles to one piece swimwear, now we are free to choose to wear whatever we like from what ever era, whatever style.  This means, we can look for comfort as well as glamour and the one piece bathing suit certainly offers that and more.

Wearing  a one piece bathing suit allows you to relax, if you find one that fits properly (check out the BETTY DIAMOND body length measurement) holds you firmly and stays where it’s supposed to, you can feel great about yourself and no one is more attractive than a person at ease with themselves.

A one piece bathing suit is a great friend to the woman with curves as it can accentuate the positive and if not eliminate the negative at least minimise problems.

A one piece swimsuit can also be a sophisticated statement of subtle sexiness – quiet vamping – very classy…