Plus sized swimwear

It’s that time of year again when we have to face the difference between  the pictures of  models wearing gorgeous swimsuits and our own bodies in those swimsuits.

The fact that most of us are not size 6 or even size 8 and that life is not a fashion shoot and that  photoshop only operates on stills, means that finding a swimsuit to fit is very daunting.

These days plus size can start at size 12, which means most of us are plus size  and require plus sized swimwear!!!!

As most of the swimwear available is designed for a size 6 and only looks good on size 6 –  it really is daunting to find a swimsuit to fit and flatter.

Plus Size Swimsuit! Gorgeous!

Apart from even dreaming  about  being comfortable in your togs, that is that they feel good and stay where they’re supposed to and keep your body in the shape you want, let’s celebrate our curves, and our size and try to be comfortable in our  bodies.

from size 12 to size 18 -we're all plus size