Mamamia talks Plus Size Swimwear

plus size swimwear

Mia Freeman of Mamamia blog covers everything from politics to fashion.  The site now runs a full editorial team and reaches 1.3 million a month!

I think one of the things that has made this blog so popular is that the topics are always diverse, interesting and often controversial.    Sadly, a lot of those things we consider controversial really are not at all.

Take the blog posted by Mamamia on the 26th of May about H&M’s new swimwear campaign featuring (gasp) a plus size swimwear model.

The model, beautiful Jennie Runk, MamaMia quotes was “gob-smacked at the attention the campaign received (she received 2000 likes on her Facebook fan page in 24 hours) has revealed she was told to either lose or gain weight if she wanted to make it in the modelling world. She chose the latter. ”

We applaud Mamamia for posting this blog to highlight the body positive campaign H&M are quietly promoting by using bigger models.  But it’s still sad that this is indeed news at all when Runk is simply a healthy, normal weight.   Runk herself.  summed it up perfectly: “The only problem is the negative connotations that remain stubbornly attached to the term “plus-size”. There shouldn’t be anything negative about being the same size as the average American woman, or even being a little bigger. Some women are perfectly healthy at a size 16 (a AUS 18 or 20),”.

Go Jennie!