Buying swimwear online

Our sizing chart makes things easy!

For many women the thought of buying swimwear online is crazy – how can you know what size, how it’s going to look on your body, what’s the fabric like and so on.

But I don’t think it’s any different to buying shoes say, or pants or a dress online, the big advantage  to buying swimwear online  is you can try the swimsuit in private, and not have to get completely anxious as most of us do when trying on swimwear – it is really a trial in the changing room, cramped and badly lit and worst of all – other people –  it’s a confronting situation and it’s almost impossible to make a rational decision.

Buying swimwear online, if you choose carefully, as you would for any other garment (and with our site, go to the sizing/measuring pages and read them), the chances are high that you’ll get the right swimsuit for you.  If you don’t like what you’ve bought or you do like it but it doesn’t fit, it’s easy to put it in a post bag and get another or your money back. We at Betty Diamond pride ourselves on how fast we despatch our beautiful one piece swimsuits, and how quick our turn around is if there is a problem or a change of heart.

So next time you want to buy a new swimsuit, think about buying swimwear online, there are lots of advantages.